I try and keep things as simple as possible by offering a single full day package for my wedding photography.

Sometimes discounts can be offered for midweek weddings or if it's a bit of a smaller do, so best thing to do is to pick up the phone and chat to me about your plans.

My full day package includes:

- Beautiful and natural photography all day long from make-up through to the knees up, from a well-experienced and fully insured professional.
- A pre-wedding practice shoot (if you want it). I usually tie this in with a consultation meeting for ease but I love to do a practice shoot. It helps us get to know each other a little bit before the wedding so it feels a bit less weird when I turn up at your door on the day with my camera. And it usually helps to alleviate some of those "I hate having my picture taken concerns".
- Around 500 (sometimes more) final full-size images, professionally edited and processed, supplied for you to download and keep.
- A password-protected online gallery of all your lovely finished wedding photographs that you can share with friends and family.
- All travel and expenses are included up to 100 miles (nominal fees charged for additional distances).
- A donation to a carbon offsetting charity in line with my environmental policy and my desire to operate as a carbon-neutral business.

All of the above for just £1,795.

You may want to bolt on some extras, including a highly recommended professional grade wedding book to leave out on your coffee table, or perhaps you're having an especially grand wedding that would benefit from an extra photographer? All options are available upon request so best thing to do is to get in touch and let me know your plans.




In light of the impact that the coronavirus has had on couples who had been planning their weddings for 2020 I'm offering a specially priced package to try and help those affected.

Planning a wedding is a big deal and while having to cancel or postpone your day is not the end of the world in the grand scheme of things, it must still be upsetting and difficult.

So as a small gesture to those couples I am offering a reduced full day package price of £1,495. This offer is only available to couples who have had to move their weddings because of Covid-19, and who confirm a booking with me for 2020 or 2021, and book by the end of September 2020. I'm also offering a flexible deposit scheme to help avoid any further distress should you have to amend plans again for any reason. So should the crisis continue or re-emerge, I will refund your deposit if I am unable to make the new date of your new booking.

I hope that this goes some way to helping couples get their weddings back on track. If you've had to change your plans because of the lockdown and need to book a photographer, please do get in touch and check my availability.

I'm also putting measures in place so that I can safely shoot a wedding whilst maintaining social distancing. So if you are pushing ahead with your plans while restrictions are still in place, you can still get great photos!

Plan ample time in your day for photography

Your wedding coordinator / planner or venue will probably start to schedule your itinerary for you once they have been positioned. They need to do this to work around the confirmed ceremony time and to ensure they allow time for the caterers or kitchen to prepare, cook and serve your wedding breakfast, as well as factoring in your speeches, drink reception, evening guests, evening food service and your band or DJ for the evening reception. More often than not, the photography can be a bit of an afterthought, and slotted in around all of the other key timings. This is where I draw you back to my first point about the importance of your photography. Once the day is over your photographs are one of only a few lasting reminders you'll have so I feel it's important to prioritise the photography as early in the process as possible.

My advice is to ask your planner to schedule in at least an hour for some couple shots – usually between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast. Longer if you can. Timings usually overrun at weddings. It's a fact. But certain things can't be moved in the schedule so more often than not the photography time set will get squeezed. But you can accommodate this by overestimating the time you'll need for the photography. The worse case scenario being that you have a little breathing space in the middle of your day, which I guarantee you will be grateful for – even if it's just to take a little stroll around the grounds with your new husband or wife.

As well as the couple shots there are the group shots to consider too. See below for more on these.

Do I want group shots?

A lot of couples don't really want formal group shots so much anymore. Instead they would prefer relaxed, candid group shots of everyone while they are chatting, drinking and enjoying the day. I prefer these types of photos too, believe me. But weddings are one of only a handful of occasions where you get everyone together in one place, and can often be a rare opportunity to get a photo with Nana, Grandpops and the forty-seven grandchildren etc.

So a lot of the time I get couples changing their minds and asking if we can do formal group shots after all. Of course we can. You don't want to miss this opportunity. And don't worry I work fast to make sure they don't take ages, and to help ensure everyone can get back to the bar as soon as possible.

One of the best ways of keeping the group shots as trim as possible is to work from a shot list, so before the wedding I will ask you this. Otherwise it will descend into madness. I can provide a sample list to help get you started don't worry. I might also ask you to allocate a member of the wedding party (usually an obliging usher or bridesmaid) to help gather the right people for the shot, as they will be able to match names to faces. With both of the above in place, half an hour should cut it to get the shots done.

Do I need a second photographer?

Usually I say no. I've shot the majority of weddings on my own and managed to get all the shots I needed without the need of any help. But sometimes there is a requirement: if you want getting ready shots for both parties and you are at different venues or if you have an especially large wedding party where there will likely be different things happening concurrently at different ends of the venue are a couple of examples. If we do need a second photographer it's not a problem. I have a few great photographers that I can call on to help.

If you have any other questions or need any more information please feel free to get in touch.

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+44 (0)7765 408556


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