Storybook Weddings

Imagine a collection of wedding photos that didn’t just start with you getting ready on the morning of your wedding, but began much earlier in your story. Photographs taken of you and your partner at the place where you met. Or a location that is just significant.

You’ve probably been living in your home together for a while before the wedding. How about including some photos of the things that you have collected together? Or some photos of the home that you have created together. The pets that live with you and that aren’t allowed to play a part in the ceremony.

Maybe you have even started your family. How about some natural looking shots of all of you out having fun somewhere? Maybe even out looking at locations for the wedding?

Why not get some photos of your home town or city? Favourite landmarks, pubs and streets?

On the day of the wedding, the photographer doesn’t always have enough time to get the best shots of the venue. Wouldn’t it be nice to get some shots of the place when it’s empty. Maybe at dawn or at dusk, captured in it’s best light on a different day to the actual wedding.

Then you have the wedding itself. And not just photographs of the ceremony and the guests, but the laughs, the tears, the cuddles, the shenanigans and all of the emotions that are flying around.

Imagine what bringing all of those photographs together into one collection would look like. Imagine the story it could tell. And even then, it’s still only the beginning of the story.

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