New Website

This is my brand spanking new website (which you know because you have kindly visited it and are still there / here reading this).

I wanted to highlight the process of how the site came about and also tell you a little bit about the talented guys who designed and built it for me.

For the branding, Designer Tom Heaton listened to what I needed and asked me key questions before starting the process. He obviously listened, because I have been presented with a brand and concept that feels right, looks great and complements the photography. And the way that the branding has been designed allows for a variation on the identity which will apply to my second website (coming soon). I discussed my fascination with film and how I draw a lot of influence from cinematic imagery - even down to aspect ratios.

The digital work has been masterfully taken care of by "award-winning" developer Mike Stephens, who has taken the designs and truly brought them to life. He has introduced features which give the site a subtle dynamic, making the site clean and intuitive. And crucially all of this serves the content, rather than distracting from it.

I'm really chuffed with what they have done for me and can't recommend them enough. Give them a nudge if you are looking for an ace designer or developer to help you out on a job.

Thanks again guys.