Katie and Matt's wedding

Katie and Matt decided to go with one of my storybook wedding packages, which entitled them to a selection of photo shoots before and after the wedding to help tell the story of their lives together as a couple. Our first shoot back in early summer took place in their new home which they had just bought together. I met them literally hours after they got the keys and we took some photographs inside and outside of the house.

A month or so later we met early one morning in a Manchester park to shoot some more couple shots, focusing on them rather than their home.

And then the wedding itself. A beautiful sunny Saturday morning in south Manchester, perfect for a wedding and even more perfect for the wedding photography. The ceremony took place at a church in Chorlton and then all guests were escorted to the striking Monastery in Gorton, Manchester. Both incredible, imposing buildings that made such great backdrops for the wedding photographs.

Looking at the final set of photographs, vibrant colour is evident throughout the day. The flowers, the sunshine and the dramatic lighting within the venue all play a significant part in the photographs. Another fantastic wedding with some touching feedback from the clients. I can’t wait to put together their storybook.