Emily and Paul's Wedding

When it comes to wedding photography, my MO is pretty simple. I want to capture the energy and emotion that is generated when two people celebrate their commitment in front of the people they love. And make the process as much fun for them as possible. Emily and Paul’s wedding is a perfect example of this.

When I look back over the photographs I see those moments when they made eye contact and smiled at each other. You can see how they feel about each other. And the whole day was so much fun. Throughout the beautiful (sometimes rainy) day at Meols Hall near Southport, they were having such a good time. Laughing and joking with their friends and family, and with us (this was the first wedding with my shiny new assistant / second photographer).

They really allowed us and the camera into the heart of their wedding and I couldn’t be more happy with the results. And judging from the messages from the couple since they received the pictures, they feel the same way.

Huge congratulations again to Emily and Paul x